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Hello, I'm Ambrose Chua.
I build websites, run servers and occasionally play CTFs.

I'm passionate about building and deploying applications at scale. I love being a part of making the world a better place, no matter how big or small the impact.


I began building websites in 2012 (when web standards were still fragmented thanks to that one horrendous browser). I've worked on quite a few Node.js projects since 2013 and recently started picking up Go and Rust. I also love to run scalable and distributed systems hence I'm trying out Kubernetes.

I've also spent 7 years using Linux systems at home (having used a laptop, Raspberry Pi, custom built desktop, Xserve and now DL360 G7). My home network used to run pfSense, but now it runs dual-stack IPv6 and IPv4 on Alpine Linux and OpenWRT on a mix of consumer and small business equipment.

  • Cyber NSF

    Singapore Armed Forces
  • Co-founder & Technical Advisor

    Constant Bearing

    Helped iterate on a prototype port call platform.

  • Co-founder


    Building a new way to communicate with your friends and family by voice.

  • Software Engineering Intern

    GovTech Singapore

    Worked on a PoC for the traintraintrain project to improve it's security, wrote an API wrapper to translate Emails into API calls, and built a Kafka setup.

See what else I'm up to


Why @serverwentdown? Because a good cluster can tolerate node failures.


  • Linux Administration
  • Computer Networking
  • Network/Computer Security
  • Server Hardware/Configuration
  • Graphic Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Distributed Systems


  • Go
  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • HTML/CSS/Sass
  • Java
  • Python


  • Vue.js/Nuxt

Picking Up

  • Flutter
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform


  • Road Bike: Merida Scultra 901
  • Camera: Nikon D610
  • MacBook Pro 2016 13", iTerm, chunkwm
  • Development Environment: Neovim, ZSH (dotfiles)
  • Distros: Fedora, Alpine, CoreOS, Gentoo
  • Docker, CoreDNS, Traefik, Let's Encrypt
  • Drawing: Figma, Krita, Inkscape
  • Homelab: N3050 box, HP DL360 G7 in 24U
  • Keyboard: Quickfire TK
  • Soldering: KiCad, Yihua 936



  • 2015: NIC Face-Off | App Development, Champions
  • 2015: Hackathon@SST, First Prize (Secondary)
  • 2015: Hackathon@SG, Merit & Secondary School Prize
  • 2016: Hack&Roll 2016, Best Freshman/Non-Tertiary Award
  • 2017: CrossCTF 2017, 1st Runner-up
  • 2018: CrossCTF 2018, Champion


  • 2015: Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards, Merit (School Project)
  • 2018: HITB GSEC 2018 .edu CTF, 1st Runner-up
  • 2018: HITB SecConf2018 Dubai .pro CTF, 1st Runner-up

Notable Participations

  • 2017: HITB GSEC CTF, On-site Participation

Major Projects

productionwentdown (2017-Present)

A collection of nicer Docker containers I use

AppVenture (2016-2017)

A website to showcase NUS High School's CS projects and curriculum. Worked on the entire stack.

commongoods (2015)

A platform for sharing unused goods. Worked on design and backend.

BuildingBloCS 2018 Website

From-scratch Sass and Jekyll-powered website

Some Side Projects

You can find more at my GitHub profile.

dns64 (2018-2019)

A CoreDNS plugin to provide DNS64

dri (2018)

A static Docker Distribution Registry viewer

file-manager (2016-2018)

A basic node.js file manager written in express.js

nviz (2017)

A real-time visualization tool to train neural networks

env (2018)

Fully Dockerised development environment

Youpp (2014)

A simple YouTube client

picobloggingsys (2012)

A minimal twitter-style microblog written in PHP